Oh It's A Sound E​.​P

by Will Saunders

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released April 26, 2019


all rights reserved



Will Saunders Auckland, New Zealand

"It Sounds!"

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Track Name: Oh It's a Sound

"Oh It's A Sound"
Track Name: Weightlosslollipop
I saw that picture of Kim K that day
Eating a weightloss lollipop as she was paid to say:

"These are literally unreal you guys"

I laughed and looked and checked the date
But April the 1st was still so far away

And then I remembered what the English language dictionaries now say:

Literally now means figuratively as well

(and that's ok)

And as Ye might rightly say -
'There was literally no fashion
Or furniture design back in the day'

So I literally can't stay
In a world that's gone this way*

And I'm literally an alien
Amongst this human race*

*Literally now means figuratively as well
Track Name: Hope & Survival
You Gotta Be You
Track Name: Pancho and Lefty
(Townes Van Zandt)

Living on the road, my friend
Was gonna keep you free and clean
Now you wear your skin like iron
Your breath's as hard as kerosene
You weren't your momma's only boy
But her favorite one, it seems
She began to cry when you said goodbye
And sank into your dreams
Pancho was a bandit, boys
His horse was fast as polished steel
Wore his gun outside his pants
For all the honest world to feel
Pancho met his match, you know
In the deserts down in Mexico
Nobody heard his dying words
That's the way it goes
And all the federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him hang around
Out of kindness, I suppose
Lefty, he can't sing the blues
All night long like he used to
The dust that Pancho bit down south
Ended up in Lefty's mouth
The day they laid poor Pancho low
Lefty split for Ohio
And where he got the bread to go
There ain't nobody knows
And all the federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him slip away
Out of kindness, I suppose
Well the poets tell how Pancho fell
Lefty's living in a cheap hotel
The desert's quiet, Cleveland's cold
So the story ends, we're told
Pancho needs your prayers, it's true
But save a few for Lefty, too
He just did what he had to do
Now he's growing old
A few gray federales say
They could have had him any day
They only let him go so long
Out of kindness, I suppose

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